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FIATA & UTIKAD: The Impact of NGOs in Logistics

FIATA and UTIKAD have a long-standing history of cooperation and collaboration to support the freight forwarder community and elevate the quality of logistics services. Turgut Erkeskin, former UTIKAD President and newly appointed FIATA President discussed the role of both NGOs in the development of the industry, and shared FIATA's plans and projects for the near future on UTIKAD TV.

Visionary Vanguard Award to GENEL TRANSPORT CEO

The Air Cargo Event ("ACE") was held in Abu Dhabi on 4-6 December 2023, bringing together representatives of air cargo industry from all over the world. GENEL TRANSPORT CEO Turgut Erkeskin was granted the “Visionary Vanguard Award” at the event for his visionary leadership and pioneering contributions to the air cargo industry.

A Fireside Chat on Air Cargo Market

The Air Cargo Event ("ACE") held in Abu Dhabi on 4-6 December 2023 provided the opportunity for the FIATA President Turgut Erkeskin and TIACA Director General Glyn Hughes to have a fireside chat on the 2023 air cargo market overview and 2024 forecast, during which they discussed key trends, challenges and opportunities that will affect air cargo in the next decade.

Turgut Erkeskin Becomes New FIATA President

FIATA General Meeting 2023 was held on September 6 in Brussels, Belgium where FIATA delegates elected the new Presidential and Extended Board. GENEL TRANSPORT President & CEO Turgut Erkeskin has been elected the new President of FIATA for the next two years.

The Changing Climate of Logistics

The logistics industry is undergoing a significant transformation driven by several key factors, including sustainability, digitalization, and automation. These changes are shaping the way goods are transported, stored, and distributed, with a focus on reducing environmental impact, improving efficiency, and increasing transparency.

Lifetime Achievement Award in Logistics

Turgut Erkeskin, President and CEO of GENEL TRANSPORT, has received the “Lifetime Achievement Award in Logistics” at the 7th Logistics Achiever Awards Ceremony for his successful career and dedicated efforts to support the development of the logistics industry on a global and national level.
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