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Road Permission and Escort Vehicle

There is no precise and unique definition of the oversize cargo. This is due to the multiplicity of forms which that kind of cargo has, including heavy lifts, overwide, overhigh units and cargo, which exceeds axle load.

Their parameters differ from each other, which effects in the multiplicity of means of transport engaged in the oversize transport.

Sometimes even specially designed to transport a particular type of oversize cargo. There are also special handling installations (terminals, factory sites, ports and docks) for oversize transport.

No matter what type of cargo you have and vehicle you are using

GENEL TRANSPORT is at your disposal to obtain road permission from state departments

and provide your vehicle and driver vehicle escort from entry point to arrival or exit point in Turkey.

At every stage of your business we add value to your supply chain to optimize costs and seamless flow of the operation.

It could be said, that in all cases "oversize" determinants are:

  • Cargo dimensions
  • Cargo weight
  • Available cargo space on the vehicl
  • Permissible pressure and stress on the loading surface
  • Permissible stress on surface of road

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